Presenter – July 23, 2014


Steve Young, Founder
Synek Draft System

SYNEK is the first ever beer packaging that gives people access to any beer ever made fresh on their kitchen counter. We recently opened pre-orders and secured over $600,000 in less than two weeks. In that same period, we have been able to sign on board over 600 breweries providing access to over 10,000 different brands to our backers.


We have returned to 1 Million Cups to talk about why we failed horribly the first week of our pre-order campaign, how we pivoted, and why SYNEK has received so much traction.


Presenter – July 16, 2014


Travis SheridanExecutive Director
The Venture Cafe – St Louis

The Venture Café Foundation (VCF) is the non-profit sister organization of the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), the largest concentration of startups under one roof anywhere in the world.

The organization has a three-fold mission:
(1) building and connecting communities of innovation locally, nationally, and internationally
(2) expanding the definition of innovation and entrepreneurship, and
(3) building a more inclusive innovation economy.


Presenter – July 2, 2014

Ben-Conn-Conn-EducationBen Conn
Founder, Conn Education

The Classroom Library Company is an educator owned and operated company that publishes and distributes educational media correlated to the new Common Core Standards. All of our products consist of high interest educational materials available to the K-8 marketplace. Some educators are not aware of new and exciting educational materials that have been created to educate children under the guise of favorite children’s characters and exciting themes. These products can successfully compete with computers, video games and other products that vie for a child’s time and attention. Our goal is to get children reading at an early age, so they are able to acquire the skills needed to compete in the 21st century.

Research strongly suggests that classroom libraries play a critical role in early literacy.

Presenter – June 25, 2014

Dawn-Manske-Made-for-FreedomDawn Manske
Founder, Made for Freedom

Made for Freedom exists to free and empower exploited women. Made for Freedom products and events will allow us to fight for women’s freedom through employment, partnerships and significant contributions.

The trafficking of women is fueled by many attitudes and beliefs, but often key factors are lack of opportunity and oppressive poverty. Made for Freedom will provide opportunities for people in oppressive situations by providing places that can offer employment as well as education, training and safety.

Made for Freedom will contract with internationally certified factories to manufacture and import our redesigned fisherman pants. These pants will be sold online, at trade shows and at fashion events that reveal the truth of human trafficking today. A significant percentage (starting at 20%) of the profit from each pair of pants will be given to partners who are providing life skills and job training for rescued girls and women

Presenter – June 18, 2014

Manu-Stephen-Pixi-MedicalManu Stephen, Founder
PIXI Medical

PIXI Medical is a healthcare company developing devices and software to monitor prescription compliance and overall health. PIXI Medical aims to make missed medications a thing of the past by connecting patient, physician, and pharmacy.

Presenter – June 11, 2014

Alex-Cruz-PenPathAlex Cruz, Founder

The best way to build a personal/business brand or presence in any industry is to create content about it. With websites like Medium, WordPress, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn and others, it’s never been easier to share knowledge. 89% of businesses use content marketing. Because social media is now the leading driver of traffic, there needs to be a tool that measures how impactful/engaged/influential content is across authors, articles, and topics.

Presenter – June 4, 2014

Brian-Wideman-SpaceSculptBrian Wideman

Space Sculpt is an online platform that is making interior design affordable.

Property owners can launch a design project for 75% less than the cost of hiring a local design firm.

Interior designers sign up for free, upload their portfolios, and receive immediate access to projects from all over the world.