Presenter – December 17, 2014


Blake Marggraff, Founder, CRO

Betaversity’s mission is to make learning-by-doing accessible to everyone. We are accomplishing this by building collaborative ideation and prototyping spaces for the education community. Our company creates physical and virtual environments that make learning-by-doing and creativity more accessible while encouraging collaboration.

Presenter – December 10, 2014


The What If? Conference
Matt Murrie, Co-Creator

What If…? busts stale thought processes by facilitating conversations and user-generated workshops. We help bridge the gap between motivation and the ability to execute on ideas. We do this through events and working directly with leaders in education, entrepreneurship, organizations, and communities. We turn ideas into action. We’re TED for doers.

Presenter – November 19, 2014


Matt Heck, Partner

Nutshellz manufactures, distributes, and sells high-end protective equipment. Our signature product is a patent protected bullet-proof groin protection device designed to provide the ultimate level of performance and comfort for high-impact athletes, law enforcement, and military.