Presenter – September 17, 2014

PushUp-SocialDan Lohman, Co-founder
Pushup Social

Community is everything – Pushup social is a better way to truly connect with your community.


In 2012, Yomi Toba, wanted to help his mom and her charity better communicate with their community. As a life-long programmer and the cofounder of LockerDome, he understood the social media space better than most, and was becoming increasingly frustrated with companies, brands and organizations having to send people away from their websites in order to socially engage their community. With that in mind, he set out to build the charity an easy-to-implement social network that could live within their existing website. His early prototype is what would eventually become Pushup Social’s technology.

While Yomi was working on his technology as a member of Lab1500, an entrepreneur center in St. Louis, MO, he began discussing his idea with Lab1500 founders and serial entrepreneurs, Dan Lohman and Jan Christian Andersen, who quickly saw the potential of this technology. In June 2013 they formed an official partnership and Pushup Social was born.


Presenter – September 10, 2014


Matt Kamp

Influence & Co.


We help companies position their key leaders as industry experts. We focus on creating bylined articles, coming from our clients, and publishing them in publications that reach their target audience. Our clients include everyone from professionals, like authors and consultants, to venture-backed and growing companies on the Inc. 5000, as well as Fortune 500 brands. We don’t “make” our clients thought leaders — we showcase their expertise so they’re recognized as the thought leaders they are.

Presenters – September 3, 2014


The Evoke Group
Austin Kolb, Creative Director, co-founder
Adam Weber, Digital Media Manager

The Evoke Group is a full service design and marketing company located in Columbia, MO. We are artists at heart, and we believe in the artform of evoking people. The messages we receive are what shapes who we are and the decisions that we make in life. If your company is not utilizing the proper messages to convert potential customers into clients, you are missing valuable sales opportunities. That’s where we come in.

Presenter – August 27, 2014

Eva Tucker & Courtney Tine,
Co-Founders Digital is a web startup taking a completely new approach to presenting important topics and news, in order to make it easy for people to educate themselves on topics that are important to the world and their own lives.

By gathering all of the facts in one place and removing all of the clutter that is prominent on news websites visitors will get a more visual, more scannable and more complete picture of the topic than what is currently available anywhere on the web.

Presenter – August 20, 2014


Square One – SQ1
Mary Louise Helbig

SQ1 is a 10-week boot camp for early-stage entrepreneurs that are considering or just launching a company. Ideal candidates have a concept or business with patents or intellectual property in the Bio, IT, and Consumer & Commercial Products industries. The class meets one evening a week to explore topics including business plan development, legal and intellectual property considerations for business formation, accounting and tax issues, market research, marketing strategy, and regulatory concerns.

Presenter – August 13, 2014

Every Ticket Gives

“We help you sell more tickets at the same cost as other services, and give part of our fee to charity”

Sean Spence, CEO

EveryEventGives makes it easy for you to sell and market tickets to events, online. We allow you to create an event page that is hosted by EveryEventGives, which ticket buyers can then use as the point of purchase for your event.

For every ticket sold on our site for your event, we will donate 50 cents of our fee to the recognized (501c3) charity of your choice.

  • There is no charge to anyone until a ticket is purchased, and then that charge is paid by the ticket buyer. The event host never pays anything.
  • The fees — both the EveryEventGives fee and the credit card fee — are in line with our competitors. The primary difference is that we give 50-cents for every ticket sold to the recognized charity of event host’s choice.
  • The EveryEventGives fee is 99-cents plus 2.5% per ticket.

The credit card fee, which goes to the credit card companies, is 3%.


Presenter – July 30, 2014

Panda Laundry FactorySamson Yi, Founder
Panda Laundry

Panda Laundry is the world’s first systems based, fully-automated, assembly production wash-and-fold service. Basically, it is wash-and-fold service done faster, better, and cheaper than it has ever been done before. Panda utilizes computer technology to increase volume output at drastically lowered unit costs.


Presenter – July 23, 2014


Steve Young, Founder
Synek Draft System

SYNEK is the first ever beer packaging that gives people access to any beer ever made fresh on their kitchen counter. We recently opened pre-orders and secured over $600,000 in less than two weeks. In that same period, we have been able to sign on board over 600 breweries providing access to over 10,000 different brands to our backers.


We have returned to 1 Million Cups to talk about why we failed horribly the first week of our pre-order campaign, how we pivoted, and why SYNEK has received so much traction.


Presenter – July 16, 2014


Travis SheridanExecutive Director
The Venture Cafe – St Louis

The Venture Café Foundation (VCF) is the non-profit sister organization of the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), the largest concentration of startups under one roof anywhere in the world.

The organization has a three-fold mission:
(1) building and connecting communities of innovation locally, nationally, and internationally
(2) expanding the definition of innovation and entrepreneurship, and
(3) building a more inclusive innovation economy.