Presenter – March 11, 2015


Jim Koetting, President

Public Fund Investment Tracking and Reporting (PFITR) is an accounting software development and software sales company that serves public entities by helping them track their investments, quantify objectives, improve investment performance, all while insuring they are compliant with each government regulation.

PFITR is building a community of leaders within our company. Bringing together talented professionals from around the world to work on improving the stewardship of local government financial officers, treasurers, and administrators.

PFITR’s application is unique in that the technology is much more advanced than what is currently offered in the current marketplace. The program is built to be deployed on the iPad and is also system-designed to take the initial set up and data entry out of the hands of the public entity. Information will be gathered by the public entity and forwarded to PFITR where their software enterprise will be set up and customized.

Presenter – March 4, 2015


Ty Benefiel, Co-founder & CEO

In 2013, MeterGenius set out to create smart energy consumers. We accomplished this by engaging customers with their electricity consumption. The insight, analytics, tools, and motivations we provide have proven to be effective at engaging customers like never before. Because of this, our energy-conscious users have also proven to be more loyal and valuable to their electricity providers. Whether your goal is to increase customer retention, lower electricity consumption during peak hours, or add additional revenue streams, MeterGenius’s platform and experience will be the solution to create value for you and your customers.

Presenter – February 18, 2015


Marc Bowers, Founder

ProductCamp St Louis is an all-volunteer unconference for anyone who builds, designs, markets, manages, or sells a product or service. At an unconference, attendees vote to select the sessions that they want to participate in. The goal of ProductCamp is to learn, exchange ideas and network.

There are no passive attendees at ProductCamp. Participants contribute in many ways, including registering to host a presentation session, pitching in at the event, and helping to get the word out beforehand through newsletters, tweets and other social media.

ProductCamp St Louis is free to attend, however registration is required. Space is limited, please register now at

Presenter – February 11, 2015


Michael McGreal, Founder

We believe technology should seamlessly intertwine with humans to make every aspect of life easier and more enjoyable. We chose to begin our journey by improving workflow efficiency within the network marketing industry- because of it’s emphasis on relationships and communication. While our current MVP is designed specifically for the network marketing industry, it is based in human psychology and sociology, which is translatable to any industry.

Presenter – February 4, 2015

2015-Skejul-PresenterPosterSkejul, Inc.
Matthew Lamons, Co-Founder & CEO

Skejul is the best way to plan, manage and balance your life.

We’re on a mission to simplify your future with awesome new ways to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Want simple scheduling?
Share an assistant not your calendar…
Just select the people to meet with
and Skejul acts on everyone’s behalf
to find the best date, time and place.

Skejul provides intelligent messaging and management of your life activities using Skejul’s patent pending technologies.

If it happens in the future – it’s on Skejul

  • SET your meetings in seconds without sharing calendars, bouncing emails, or disclosing private information.
  • SEE your events both planned and possible in one place, wherever you go, on any device.
  • SHARE your time, thoughts, and activities with the people you choose – wherever they are.

Rick Duree, Chief Firestarter

Entrepreneurs finding the resources they need is harder than it should be: the right team member, mentor, service provider, investor, entrepreneur support organization (ESO), etc.

XLR8 is designed and built to meet this need. Think of XLR8 as the “” for the entrepreneur ecosystem. XLR8 is the online social matching platform that brings together startups, potential team members, investors, mentors and organizations, while supporting and strengthening the ESOs that serve them.

When users join XLR8 they enter who they are, what they’re doing, what they are looking for or what they need. The XLR8 platform intelligently connects users with the proprietary XLR8 matching engine, creating “unlikely encounters”, systematically providing the best possible match for entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and resources across an ever expanding ecosystem across the region and beyond.  This increases the likelihood for entrepreneurial success and boosts employment.

XLR8 is free for users because community leaders, accelerators, EDCs, incubators and universities support their community portal.

Presenter – January 28, 2014


Claim Academy
Alex Pearson, Head of Operations

We’re teaching St. Louis how to code.

  • Have you ever wanted to build useful applications that people around the world use daily?
  • Do you enjoy working with computers, but lack the industry experience necessary to get a job as a developer?
  • Do you want to learn what it takes to be a programmer, but don’t have the time or money to spend on a computer science degree?

Claim Academy can help

Learn Useful Languages – Learn the programming languages that businesses need. We offer courses in Java, Ruby, .NET, and general full-stack QA and development.

Learn Quickly – Our classes take you from novice to professional in 12 weeks. Expect to spend 80 hours per week getting through our intense courses. It’s not easy, but it IS effective.

Learn Together – Our classes focus on the kind of collaboration that you’ll need to master in your future job as a developer. Learn to work as a part of a team led by our world-class instructors and mentors.

Learn More for Less – Computer Science degrees take up to 4 years and tens of thousands of dollars to complete. Even then, you lack the real-world experience as a programmer that companies are looking for. Claim Academy will teach you the skills you need to know in 12 weeks for $8000/course.

Presenter – January 21, 2015


Chris Costello, Co-Founder & CEO

Blooom is an online 401(k) management platform that combines an algorithm-based technology with a financial planner. It’s different than other online platforms in that it is focused on 401(k) and 403(b)’s only. After an initial assessment and reallocation, blooom advisors evaluate their clients’ accounts every 90 days.

In an average of five minutes blooom uses an algorithm to assess the 401(k) options available in a given plan and reallocate investments for improved performance.

Blooom is for anyone with a 401k plan as long as it has online access. Blooom is also well-suited for Voluntary Benefit Exchanges.

Presenter – January 14, 2015


Shuttle Stuff
Patrick Nangle, Founder

Saint Louis’ online marketplace to buy and sell furniture. Shuttle Stuff makes selling and buying pre-owned furniture simple and affordable. For the seller, simple means scheduling pickups at your convenience, naming your price, and timely payment. For the buyer, simple means choosing what you like, buying online, and having it delivered right to you door or picking it up from our centrally located mid-town location. We pickup and deliver 3 days a week during our launch period. Whether it’s mid-century modern, or slightly pre-owned from Pottery Barn, we want to be the easiest avenue so that you can get your hands on it.

Presenter – January 7, 2015


Tom Nickell, Co-Founder & CEO

As advertisers lose access to Consumers through print, radio & TV, Xooker delivers the next generation ad platform…real-time, location aware, relevant & personal. Restaurants/retailers get new customers, and keep them, through a powerful combo of personalized messaging, auto check-in, games, & rewards. Our analytic engine helps Merchants deliver relevant messages to individual Consumers, using data from interactions across multiple Merchants.